Who's This Dancer?

Cairo Caravan 2010
I have been a dancer for almost five years, beginning from when I walked into a nice lady's bellydance studio/consignment store/belly dance costume supply and asked her if I could take her classes. Unfortunately, my first class happened to be the advanced class the first night, and I could barely keep up, but to this day, I have no idea why I kept going back.

Since starting belly dance, I have tried cabaret, Egyptian, tribal fusion, American Tribal Style, and flamenco. I've performed at Long Beach's Cairo Caravan, both the Orange County and LA County fairs, Long Beach's Shimmy Showcase, Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association (MECDA) events, and this year, I'll be guesting regularly at the Southern California Renaissance Faire. In 2011, I started teaching and performing solo--both incredibly scary endeavors for a misfit introvert who spent a lifetime sure she couldn't dance.

While my personal dance style doesn't have a name I am inspired by just about any movement that can be set to music), belly dance will always the core of my dance story. I firmly believe that you can start dancing no matter what your age, as long as you're willing to pick yourself off the floor, find a piece of music that makes your body sing, and start over again.
Completing the ATS General Skills in August 2011

Everything I am today comes from that first bellydance class.

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